Onmyoudou Awakening






Sometimes it can be difficult to do certain things on your own, or perhaps you find that you are not strong in certain areas.  For this reason I offer the following goods and services.

Shime-Kazari - Pre-folded for you and ready for you to consecrate them.  If you feel unsure about consecrating, we can consecrate them for you.  $12 for 9 shime-kazari, $15 consecrated.

Ofuda - A simple talisman made from consecrated paper.  Ofuda are useful for many purposes.  Please write us for ofuda that you would like us to create.  Sample purposes could be purification of spaces, appealing to a certain deity, and protection from evil.  $5 per ofuda.

Omikuji - Fortunetelling for you.  We use a traditional style oracle and will tell you your general forecast.  Depending on what you would like and what you can afford, we charge a sliding scale.  Services start at $20 per consultation, but discounts can be negotiated if needed.  For this, you are allowed five questions to be answered and are also given a detailed forecast.  All this adds up to easily a full typed page, usually more, sent to you via email.  If you would like to ask more questions, it is an additional $5 per question.

Donations - Always accepted, donating $20 or over will get you an ofuda and two shime-kazari for supporting onmyoudou research and restoration.

Personal Lessons - I offer personal tutelage to any who would like it.  My rates are reasonable, but I ask that you consult me beforehand so that we can work out a price that is suited to you and your own path.  Please use the Mail button to send me a letter, and I will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you for supporting the restoration of onmyoudou.  It is my sincerest hope that more will learn about this fulfilling path.