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Hushicho is the acclaimed author of the long-running comic Incubus Tales and a number of other works.

Welcome to my site!

I started in professional art and sequential art -- comics to most! -- in the late 1990s. After working with a bunch of people all over the world, including Japanese doujinshika and the major American comic publishers, I started a few independent projects at the turn of the century.

Man, does that make anyone else feel really old to say?

In 2007, I launched the comic Incubus Tales, which has endured through a few hosts coming and going, as well as other notable comics doing the same. To this day, Dhiar and his shop are still open into the small hours, an oasis of warmth in a too-often cold world.

I've done plenty of other things too! Take a look. I hope you like what you see!

I also accept commissions at all times. If you're interested, contact me! Information is below.

Incubus Tales 2007 onward
The Medium Men 2007-2008
Midnight Down 2007-2008
Kallikrates Elpis 2008
Lamia 2010-2011 *
Witchbro 2012-2013 *

* indicates a series that is currently on hold, but which is intended to continue in future.

If you're interested in seeing my artwork, please check out my comics (click the title!) or my gallery on PaperDemon, or my art-focus tumblr!


Incubus Tales Omnibus - The Incubus
Almost 400 pages of Incubus Tales!

Incubus Tales - Family Special Edition
A very special story just right for new collectors.

Incubus Tales - I for Incubus
Super-heroics, satire, and tights everywhere! A true fan favourite chapter gets the prestige treatment in this elegant release.

Witchbro - Dudecraft
The adventures of a fratboy gifted with magical powers!

Celestial Phantasia
My premiere artbook.

Roaring Twilight Core Sourcebook
An accessible role-playing system for supernatural adventures set in a 1920s world!

Mitama: War in Yamato
Chronicle of a struggle against ancient evil.

Sometimes the songs we never sing can still be heard.

Hushicho can be contacted through the following methods:

hushicho at is my email. Just change the at to @ and you're set.